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Simple DIY Method To Make a Smoking Pipe

Simple DIY Method To Make a Smoking Pipe

What can you do if you want to smoke some dry herbs, but you don’t have an available pipe? A DIY smoking pipe may be an option if you have a few common materials handy. There is no one way of making a DIY smoking pipe at home or anywhere, so let me explain the basic approach. 

Choose a Suitable Material

You need a suitable material to make a smoking pipe. The material should not burn or scorch. It should be pliable, too. Plus, the material should have a sufficient size so that you can work on it to create the essential features, such as the bowl, mouthpiece, etc.

You may use an apple or potato to make a DIY smoking pipe. Carrots with a sufficient bore may also work, and so will a cucumber. However, apples and potatoes are easier to work with. Their shapes offer you enough room to carve out a bowl and make a smoke column or conduit inside. 

The other fitting option for a DIY pipe is a soda can. Any type of can might work as long as the material is pliable. The size of a soda can makes it ideal for a makeshift bong. If you don’t have any apples, potatoes, or soda cans at home, you will most definitely have a toilet paper roll.

You can use the cardboard core of any standard toilet paper roll. Remove the toilet paper from the core and use an aluminum foil to make a bowl because cardboard is flammable. The core will catch fire if you create a bowl directly on the side of a typical cardboard core.

There are other materials you may use. However, most of them aren’t easy to work with. If you have to spend a lot of effort or time to make a DIY smoking pipe, the whole process may be a bit too tedious to be fun. Meanwhile, you might even lose interest in smoking dry herbs.

Fetch a Few Essential Tools

You will need at least one sharp tool to cut through the selected material to make a column for the smoke. Also, you may have to get a tool to scrape a bit of the material to create a bowl. The simplest tool that will work is a screwdriver, whether a flathead or Phillips. If you use a flathead screwdriver, ensure the tip isn’t too large because the bowl’s hole can’t be enormous.

You may use a knife, but those in your kitchen may not have a long enough slender tip to pierce through an apple or potato to make a deep hole. You don’t want to cut out a large chunk of any material while making a DIY smoking pipe. This is also why car keys may not work.

Make the DIY Smoking Pipe

Now that you have the material and tool, you can make an L-shaped conduit for a standard pipe or an inverted T to have a carb hole as well. The process is similar for apples and potatoes:

  1. Remove the stalk from the apple and use the natural shape as the bowl. If there isn’t enough space, you can scrape off a bit of the apple to create a basin that will serve as the bowl of your smoking pipe. The same scraping approach will work for a potato.
  2. Using the bowl as the reference, get the tool and pierce through around the center to a chosen depth. This vertical column may be up to half of the apple or potato. The vertical column will then connect to a horizontal conduit towards the side, i.e., the mouthpiece.
  3. You can use the sharp tool to cut through the side and make a hole until it connects to the vertical column. If you want a carb hole, continue making this hole until you reach the other side. You can cover or open this carb hole during smoking to regulate the air flow.

That’s all you need to do to make a pipe with an apple or potato. Using a soda can has a slightly different approach. Here are the steps:

  1. Take an empty soda can and make a hole on the side, which should be as low or near its base as possible. If you have a tool to make more than one tiny hole, you can do so, but no piercing should be with a blunt object. The holes should be as small as possible.
  2. Press around and on the hole to dent the material. You need a sizable dent or divot, not necessarily round like a bowl. Any shape that can hold dry herbs will work. The opening of the can will serve as the mouthpiece. The entire can will be your smoke chamber.

If you use the cardboard core of a toilet paper roll, make a small hole at around a quarter from either end. The other end will be your mouthpiece. Use an aluminum foil with tiny perforations as the bowl atop the hole you make in the cardboard. Cover the round opening next to the hole and bowl, and draw smoke from the other end.

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