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What Are the Differences Between Puffco Peak and Puffco Peak Pro?

What Are the Differences Between Puffco Peak and Puffco Peak Pro?

Puffco Peak revolutionized how we smoke concentrates. Although Puffco Peak wasn’t the first device to use an atomizer or battery-powered heating chamber to produce delicious vapors out of concentrates, it was a game-changer in the world of dab rigs and dabbing. 

Until the advent of Puffco Peak, atomizers were mostly used in vape pens, marketed as e-cigs or electronic cigarettes. Puffco Peak wasn’t the same, of course. Puffco Peak and its upgraded version, Peak Pro, aren’t for tobacco or e-liquids containing nicotine, and chemical substitutes.

For some time, Puffco Peak was the only option if you wanted a smart dab rig. There are other options nowadays, including the smarter Puffco Peak Pro. However, you may want to know if the Pro is better than the Peak in the context of dabbing or smoking concentrates.

Puffco Peak vs. Puffco Peak Pro

Puffco Peak Pro was launched a couple of years after the original Peak, so it is expected to be a better version, if not a world apart. That said, the comparison should be about the differences for users. Which one will deliver a better dabbing experience: a Puffco Peak or a Puffco Peak Pro?

Puffco Peak Pro Facilitates App-Enabled Controls

Puffco Peak Pro has an app you can use with Android or iOS to control the various facets of the smart dab rig. So, there are a lot of bells and whistles in the offing that the Puffco Peak does not offer. Consider the following features, among other controls through the app:

  • Auto sleep function
  • Customizable LED lights
  • Real-time temperature control

The Puffco Peak offers real-time temperature control, but that’s only through the heat settings pre-programmed and selected using the device. The Puffco Peak Pro offers more, which I will briefly highlight in the next point.

The customizable lighting feature lets you choose colors and the following patterns:


  • Fill
  • Fade
  • Disco
  • Split
  • Spin

These animations and other vibrant elements or the auto-sleep mode may not be decisive, but these are features that the Puffco Peak doesn’t have. Note that the Pro’s Bluetooth connectivity only works for Android. If you run the app on iOS, you will also need an active net connection.

Puffco Peak Pro Has Many More Customizations

Puffco Peak Pro really outshines the Peak when you consider the innumerable customizations you can create, save, and toggle through the app. Consider the singular factor of heat settings. The Puffco Peak has 4 unique heat settings. The Puffco Peak Pro also has 4 pre-programmed.

However, you can use many other heat settings using the app. You may regulate temperatures in 1° increments or decrements whenever you want. Plus, the real-time temperature control will always ensure that the heating chamber doesn’t fail to sustain the heat for the atomizer.

You get the following smart features with the Puffco Peak Pro and its app, among others:

  • Active heat setting
  • Bowl temperature
  • Daily dabs
  • Total dabs

Therefore, the Puffco Peak Pro isn’t a cosmetic upgrade or just an app-enabled version of the original Peak.

Puffco Peak Pro Has a Larger Heating Chamber

The heating chamber of a Puffco Peak Pro is approximately 40% larger than the one in the Peak. However, this isn’t necessarily an advantage for everyone. The Peak heats up in ~20s, whereas the Pro version takes a little longer, about 30 seconds. 

This tiny difference may not be of consequence or a spoilsport for most dabbers. But the fact that the heating chamber has a fixed ceramic cup means you have to replace the part of the rig if it has an issue. The original Peak from Puffco has a removable and replaceable ceramic cup.

Puffco Peak Pro Has Double the Water Capacity

The Puffco Peak Pro has a slightly elongated bubbler and mouthpiece than the Peak, which is also why it has almost twice the water capacity. This feature is an advantage for those that don’t want the strongest hits or if you use some concentrates that aren’t the more subdued varieties.

The Peak Pro Is Enabled With Wireless Charging

Puffco’s Peak Pro can power itself with Qi wireless charging, something that the Peak can’t. But you will need a Peak Pro Power Dock for this purpose, which costs a fair bit of money. Whether or not this wireless charging feature is an advantage depends on how often you dab and where.

Puffco Peak Pro Has a Faster USB-C Connection

The USB-C connection of the Puffco Peak Pro is obviously faster than the micro-USB cable of the Peak, at least when it comes to charging. However, if you have the device communicating with the app, charging a Peak Pro will require the same 2 hours as it is for the original Puffco.

Should You Buy a Puffco Peak or Peak Pro?

Puffco Peak Pro is obviously costlier than Peak. Both have a similar battery life, so neither will outlast another if you use the Peak Pro with the app, regulating its real-time functions. Also, the kits for both include everything you need. Which one you should buy is really about preference.

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